Storey Morrow Company is committed to providing the best possible service to our corporate clients in the relocation of their personnel.

A centralized system of relocation management has been found to be the most productive, as it provides absolute control over all facets of the corporate move. Storey Morrow Company and the partnering real estate associates will insure that your transferees are given information and guidance to make their move to Georgia an enjoyable experience. It is our goal to provide such legendary quality of service that both "they" and "you" become raving fans of our company.

We offer the full range of relocation services, each structured with the focus of maintaining service excellence to the consumer, while stringently controlling costs for the corporate client. Listed below are a few of the services offered by Storey Morrow Company, most of which are complimentary.


Transferee Services:

  • Personalized relocation package / Needs assessment
  • Home sale and marketing assistance
  • Home finding assistance
  • Area orientation tour & counseling
  • Temporary housing / Rental assistance

Corporate Services:

  • Group move management
  • Policy review & administration
  • Household goods assistance

Home Marketing Assistance

Education is the important first step. We begin by educating and "guiding" your transferee through the complex yet integral steps necessary to obtain an "employee generated sale." Another essential element of this process is to develop a partnership with your transferring employee and offer assistance when and where it matters most - with the initial broker selection, property preparation and the development of a marketing strategy. We also market our properties on various websites in effort to gain the best possible exposure.

Our program entails:

  • Providing a thorough explanation of your policy and the marketing program ensuring the employee's complete understanding of significant program benefits
  • Providing two Broker Market Analysis (BMA's)
  • Advising the employee of appropriate repairs and improvements - those that will derive the maximum return on their investment
  • Providing an objective opinion-of-value
  • Assisting in the development of an appropriate marketing strategy
  • Coordinating and managing the employee's broker in accordance with the parameters as specified in your relocation policy
  • Updating you and the employee monthly (at a minimum) on the marketing results and status

Experience has shown that when the employee takes an active role in selling their home, their "comfort level" with the entire relocation process is enhanced.


Most employees are reluctant to begin making preparations to depart the old location without having the peace of mind in knowing they have another "home" waiting at their destination. Therefore, we have designed our Homefinding Assistance Program to assist the employee in finding the right home, at the right price, in a community which fits the family's lifestyle.

We begin by completing:

  • A needs analysis of the family, focusing on the appropriate housing, communities and their financial capabilities
  • Identifying housing requirements and their socio-economic concerns
  • Coordination of Homefinding tours is available at the employee's option

Our relocation department will share the employee's housing needs with a hand-selected real estate professional and schedule the homefinding trip with an itinerary to maximize the trip's effectiveness and minimize travel expenses. The real estate professional will provide an area orientation tour, carefully matching the lifestyle requirements of the employee and their family, and show them homes that will meet specific needs and preferences.

This program eases the frustration inherent in the home search process and saves your company money by reducing costs associated with lost productivity time, reimbursement costs associated with temporary living, duplicate housing, extended automobile rentals, and house-hunting trips. You will also find that a prudent purchase can minimize a future loss-on-sale when the employee is transferred again.

Please contact our Relocation Director for more details.