Our Services

Relocation Assistance

Relocating personnel from other parts of the state, region or country doesn't have to be stressful. Storey Morrow ensures your employees have the guidance and information they need to make their move enjoyable.

To ease the frustration inherent with the home search process, we offer complete relocation support that focusus on maintaining excellent customer service while stringently controlling costs for our corporate clients. We start by helping your employee market their current home, and then match them with a real estate professional who schedules new home-finding trips and an area orientation tour. Itineraries are carefully designed to maximize effectiveness and minimize travel expenses.

Storey Morrow Company's corporate services also include:

  • Group move management
  • Policy review and administration
  • Household goods shipment


REO/Asset Management

At Storey Morrow, we can help reduce your asset inventory by overseeing all aspects of a foreclosure property from start to finish.

To minimize lost revenue, our real estate professionals use every available resource to market your foreclosure. Once an offer has been presented, Storey Morrow will substantiate mortgage pre-qualification/verification of funds before presenting the offer and will help negotiate to ensure the highest return to the seller.

Other REO services include:

  • Occupancy verification
  • Drive-by broker price opinions
  • Property maintenance
  • Status updates
  • Expense reimbursement submissions
  • Cash for keys
  • Eviction attendance
  • Obtain competitive bids from independent contractors for necessary repairs


New Home Marketing Management

Whether it's a new home community of 40 or 400 homes, the Storey Morrow team offers comprehensive marketing management services, showcasing your property to its fullest potential.

We'll provide you with a complete marketing program, including market analysis, Web sites, promotional events, advertising and much more. Learn more about web sites where we market our properties in an effort to gain the best possible exposure. Part of our program includes on-site management such as community layout and availability maps, sales office with on-site staff and FMLS/MLS services.

We take care of everything when it comes to marketing your property, saving you valuable time and money.

New home management services include:

  • Post-contract services
  • Construction detail communication
  • Weekly traffic and sales reports
  • Pre-weekend job site inspections
  • Coordination of buyers' change orders and extras with builder


General Real Estate

As a full-service real estate brokerage company, Storey Morrow provides general real estate services as well. For sellers, we take care of every detail, from advising on repairs and improvements to developing an appropriate pricing and marketing strategy. We'll also help you purchase the right home for your needs and financial investment.

At Storey Morrow, we work closely with reliable, qualified lenders and closing attorneys, providing you with a recommendation you can trust. We also believe communication is vital to maintaining client relationships, so whether you are buying or selling home, you can count on us to keep you informed.